Rocket heads to ISS; booster misses mark

The cause of the rocket's spin, according to Musk, was a stalling out of one of the rocket's "grid fin hydraulic pump".

Falcon 9 B1050 seen shortly before a grid fin lost control, throwing the rocket into a near-uncontrollable spin.

The Dragon cargo capsule is carrying an in-space refueling experiment, a new carbon-monitoring sensor for the station, and supplies for the six astronauts aboard the orbiting lab, three of whom just arrived after launching aboard a Russian rocket.

Despite failing to land safely on its landing pad, the Falcon 9 rocket accomplished its mission of sending SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station to provide the crew with food and supplies.

As is now customary for SpaceX, the company also tried to land the biggest and most expensive part of its Falcon 9 rocket - the 16-story-tall booster, or first stage - back on Earth for refurbishment and future re-launch. "Some landing systems are not redundant, as landing is considered ground safety critical, but not mission critical", he wrote.

The descent carried the Falcon 9 to an area off the coast from the landing zone where it seemed to gently settle and momentarily hover just above the surface of the waves, before finally pitching over and splashing into the water.

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Now, SpaceX head honcho Elon Musk has shared some clearer video of what, exactly, happened and what went wrong on the Falcon's journey back to Earth.

SpaceX on Wednesday had trouble sticking the landing with one of its reusable rockets.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk said the booster appeared to be undamaged. It should reach the space station Saturday.

Ocean platform landings have proven a bit trickier, but SpaceX has managed to stick the landing, whether on land or sea, 32 times in all.

"It's really wonderful how it stopped rotating at the very end as the landing legs come out", Koenigsmann said. "And, as much as we are disappointed in this missed landing - or landing in the water, rather, instead of land - it shows the system overall knows how to recover from certain malfunctions". "Recovery ship dispatched", Musk wrote, latter adding: "We may use it for an internal SpaceX mission".

SpaceX is already the leading name in the realm of private space flight with many firsts to its name, but the company's most recent launch landed it in the record books multiple times over.

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