Another radio station pulls 'Baby It's Cold Outside' from the airwaves

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Susan Loesser, 74, told NBC this week that her father, Frank Loesser, wrote the song in 1944 for him and his wife to sing at Christmas parties.

Frank Loesser, the song's writer, wouldn't be happy about the ban. She said the song has no correlation to date rape or any reasons why it was probably shelved at one radio station. San Francisco radio station KOIT received negative responses after playing the song recently. The song is about a man trying to convince his date to stay with him a little longer, and it has been recorded numerous times since its debut in the movie "Neptune's Daughter". "I think my father would be furious at that", she told NBC News.

King continued, "I think you can look at anything and read something into it these days, and I just don't think that was the case when they wrote that song and the intent of the song".

She even shared her love for the song on Instagram.

'Back then it didn't mean you drugged me, ' she added.

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Quite a few years ago, with the approach of the holiday season and the bombardment of holiday songs, my youngest brought my attention to the inappropriate lyrics of the old favourite, "Baby It's Cold Outside". A column in 2010 made waves for referring to the song as "date-rapey", and Urban Dictionary referred to the song as the "Christmas Date Rape Song" as far back as 2002.

The fate of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and its radio play is still up in the air.

After WDOK pulled the song, stations in Cleveland and Colorado also followed suit, sparking a backlash by listeners on social media.

In the era of the #MeToo movement, the song has come under fire in recent years due to lyrics like "I've got to go away..."

'People used to say, 'What's in this drink?' as a joke, ' Loesser explained. Susan says connecting the song to the MeToo movement is off the mark.

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