New Things You Need To Know About Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay

Far Cry: New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic playground and it's coming soon

New Leak Suggests a Far Cry 5 Spin-off

After Ubisoft's teaser about a new Far Cry game last day, a cover image for the same seems to have leaked online which shows the name of the new game as Far Cry: New Dawn.

Along with the gameplay trailer, it was also revealed that the first demo for the title will debut tomorrow, December 7, exclusively for Xbox One owners.

Warning: Far Cry 5 spoilers here, proceed at own risk. Will you be taking your chances in this game's nuclear America, or are you unconvinced?

The name is, fittingly, New Dawn, and the art follows the same pattern as previous franchise titles. Those people that survived have emerged into a new Super Bloom biome; colourful and full of life. On this return trip to Montana, players will be tasked with hunting for resources, upgrading their new base, embarking on cross-country expeditions, and cobbling together makeshift weaponry.

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Your base of operations is one of the standout new features in New Dawn.

There's no more cult, but players will face the Highwaymen, a group of vicious scavengers raised in a lawless frontier and led by The Twins, Mickey and Lou. While other games in the series have kept the action localised, these special missions will see Carmina and her allies hopping into a helicopter and embarking on special missions across the U.S.

Far Cry 5 has multiple endings, but one stands out as the "canon" ending to fit New Dawn's timeline. Plus there's also a dog that'll ride in the vehicle with you. The Homebase, called Prosperity, is the stronghold of the Survivors.

Considering that we've seen Far Cry 4 in November 2014, Far Cry Primal in February 2016, and Far Cry 5 in March 2018. Alongside that some brand new screenshots for the game are available. This time around, he'll be able to ride with you on vehicles. It's a system that's meant to encourage you to repeat these missions over and over, but it also has the potential to drive the "anecdote factory" with a friend in co-op.

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