Pakistan decides to reply to US President Trumps letter

Pakistan says US accepts its role in Afghan peace

Army spokesman says Pakistan will facilitate peace process despite its receding influence over Taliban

"If we left precipitously right now, I do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country", McKenzie said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that U.S. wants our help to establish peace in Afghanistan and I always believed that instead of "do more" we should play a role in the Afghan peace process. "There are no sanctuaries in Pakistan".

"You are aware that Afghan refugees have been living here [in Pakistan] for 40 years". The US has satellites and drones.

Khan told The Washington Post that Pakistani security forces have repeatedly asked the United States for evidence on its claims that there are "sanctuaries" for the Taliban in Pakistan.

This week the Pakistani foreign ministry said Khan had been sent a letter by US President Donald Trump seeking Islamabad's support in securing a peace deal. "We will do everything".

Meanwhile, some of Afghanistan's mainstream political parties on Thursday said they have established independent peace negotiating teams to talk to the Taliban. If you did not agree with the US policy, you were [thought to be] anti-American. Now I'm happy that everyone realises there is only a political solution.

The Taliban are fighting to flush out US-led global forces and re-establish their regime in Afghanistan after their ouster in 2001. We should never put ourselves in this position again. It not only cost us human lives, the devastation of our tribal areas, but it also cost us our dignity. "We would like a proper relationship with the U.S".

He added: "For instance, our relationship with China is not one-dimensional". "Instead of making Pakistan a scapegoat for their failures, the United States should do a serious assessment of why, despite 140,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops plus 250,000 Afghan troops & reportedly $1 trillion spent on war in Afghanistan, the Taliban today are stronger than before", he had tweeted.

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"This is a very imperialistic approach".

Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks and the head of al Qaeda, was killed in 2011 during a raid by USA special forces on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

In response to a question about the premier's recent efforts to acquire financial assistance from Saudi Arabia, UAE and China, he said that details of the agreements will be kept confidential. We raised money, but we are talking to the IMF [International Monetary Fund].

The renewed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitment came in a week when the Marine officer nominated to command US forces in the Middle East warned that the fight there is at a stalemate and the number of Afghan troop deaths in the war is not sustainable.

The US envoy said they are trying to bring about those circumstances that allows those negotiation among Afghans to occur. "They rebuffed all my overtures", he said adding that it was because of the upcoming elections.

"There were a lot of people in Pakistan who opposed it, including me".

"I went as an 18-year-old to play cricket in England".

"As I said our goal here grounded in the objective realities is that there needs to be a settlement that comes from within the society so that it is broadly accepted by the society and therefore has a good chance of being implemented", he said. "It cared for the underprivileged, for the people who can't compete in the race".

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