Stranger Things: The Game revealed at the Game Awards

Stranger Things: The Game revealed at the Game Awards

Stranger Things: The Game revealed at the Game Awards

Matt and Ross Duffer announced the new game based off the third season of their critically acclaimed show before sharing a trailer. The charming 16-bit format and simple gameplay (shoot and/or hack Demadogs and random butch guards!) is a flawless nostalgic tie-in for the '80s-set Netflix series. An exact date wasn't given, but the game will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

On Thursday night at the 2018 Game Awards, the Duffer brothers surprised everyone by announcing the release of Stranger Things: The Game. It's a little shocking to see child characters in the trailer kill countless guards in cold blood, but it's all in service of that old school gameplay.

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There's a new game based on Stranger Things in the works! It appears to be set in a 16-bit style isometric setting, featuring familiar characters from the Stranger Things universe.

We'll have more details on the game when they become available, including the potential release date following the show. The trailer shown at The Game Awards doesn't reveal much but does show that this new game will also have a suitably retro vibe, but this time from an isometric perspective.

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