Shocking details about Kevin Spacey's sexual assault case revealed

Kevin Spacey with glasses


The charge against Spacey follows an allegation in November 2017 by Boston television journalist Heather Unruh that her 18-year-old son was sexually assaulted by the actor at the Club Car restaurant and bar in Nantucket on July 7, 2016.

Actor Kevin Spacey's freaky House of Cards inspired video, which he posted on the same day it was revealed that he will be charged of felony sexual assault in MA, has raked up 4.5 million online views in 24 hours. So we're not done, no matter what anyone says, and I know what you want. "You wouldn't rush to judgements without facts".

Spacey then offered to buy the teen a drink, Unruh's son told State Police.

The announcement coincides with Spacey posting a weird video to YouTube entitled, "Let Me Be Frank".

Prosecutors did not name the alleged victim of the July 2016 incident but former Boston-based television news anchor Heather Unruh told a news conference previous year that police were investigating a complaint by her son against the "House of Cards" and "American Beauty" star. He then alleges Spacey sexually assaulted him by rubbing his thigh and then unzipping the teen's trousers and touched him without consent, the report revealed.

"We're not afraid, not of what we said, not of what we did and we're still not afraid", Spacey said, ostensibly as Underwood.

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According to Variety, reps from Netflix declined to comment on the video, nor confirm if the streaming service had any involvement in its production.

He said the next day he told his mother, a former TV news anchor in Boston, and she told him to report the incident to police, according to the complaint.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the video racked up 4.5million views in 24 hours on Monday night as we heard from the House of Cards actor for the first time in over a year.

The first public report of alleged abuse by him came from actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed that Spacey sexually abused him when Rapp was 14, in 1986. "They're just dying to have me declare that everything said is true and that I got what I deserved", he goes on.

Spacey's legal representative has not returned The Washington Post's request for comment.

The fallout resulted in Spacey, who won a best actor Oscar in 2000 for American Beauty, being dropped from the final season of "House of Cards" and erased from the 2017 movie All the Money in the World. Regardless, he says, viewers "want me back". However, "you and I both know it's never that simple, not in politics and not in life", the actor remarked. "Of course they're going to say I'm being disrespectful, not playing by the rules, like I ever played by anyone's rules before".

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