The Division Is Free For PS Plus Subscribers During January 2019

PlayStation Plus

The Division Is Free For PS Plus Subscribers During January 2019

For Malaysian subscribers, PlayStation Asia has announced the free games we will be getting in January 2019.

Portal Knights is an independent survival action role-playing video game developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games. Next week, PS4 owners can look forward to free downloadable games in the form of Steep and Portal Knight. Steep is a sports game focusing on winter sports, mainly focusing on things like skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting, and paragliding that you can play in a shared world with your friends. Once they are there you will have until February 5 to add them to your collection of digital titles. In this game, players explore randomly generated islands, engage in "epic boss battles", complete quests for other characters, and more.

Sony PlayStation fans are not happy with the selection of pre-installed games.

Do keep in mind that there are still a few days to go before we can sink our teeth in these new games, and you still have about a week to grab the PlayStation Plus lineup for December if you didn't yet.

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3, the PlayStation Classic comes with 20 classic games and two full-sized gamepad controllers.

Even more curiously, players eventually discovered that the PlayStation Classic was running a version of PCSC, a free emulator used to play PlayStation games on computers.

All of January's free games will be available for PS Plus subscribers to download starting New Year's Day, January 1st.

Are you buying a PlayStation Classic now? It looks just like the original PlayStation, but it is much smaller and has been updated to work with more up-to-date TVs.

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