As of late afternoon, no CenturyLink ETA for restored Internet service

US investigating Century Link internet outage 911 failures

Emergency services have been interrupted in several U.S. cities

There are four emergency call centers now operated by State Police in Mass. and residents using a cellphone to call 911 should call one of these centers instead, State Police advised.

CenturyLink customers have been experiencing outages since early Thursday.

WyoLotto officials said they would postpone announcing Wyoming's winning state lottery numbers and winnings for the day until after the outage was over.

What's going on: Customers across the nation said they experienced internet power outages from CenturyLink, according to Newsweek.

The county's 311 service appeared to be unaffected, the agency said, and its 911 text message service also still functions. We estimate services will be restored within four hours. The Federal Communications Commission was investigating the CenturyLink outage, Chairman Ajit Pai announced Friday.

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Cell Phone Calls In Massachusetts Affected Briefly By CenturyLink Outage
Several government organizations in Utah use CenturyLink for internet services, telephone services or both. As of 8 a.m., technical issues with the 911 system were resolved, Procopio said .

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The outage only affected wireless 911 call, not landline calls.

The effect on people's ability to reach 911 emergency services is "completely unacceptable", he said. "We apologize for the disruption".

CenturyLink posted several times via Facebook that it was working to solve the issue.

Meanwhile, residents in Washington state received a busy signal when calling 911 on Thursday, according to CBS News, and in Idaho, the outage "caused the temporary shutdown of phone services at the Idaho Department of Correction and the state's Department of Education", according to The Idaho Statesman.

Residential customers have also tweeted some harsh words, mostly about the lack of updates and customer service from CenturyLink.

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