Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7 to become most popular desktop OS

Windows 10- Do great things

Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7

This is what made it possible for Windows 10 to become the "most popular desktop OS" in December. Below that you're looking at Windows XP as the next most prevalent version, though that only has 4.54% of the market share.

If you have already upgraded to Windows 10 version 1809 and found your admin account to be disabled, you may try to enable the built-in administrator account, login to that account and then try to enable your administrator account. Microsoft was aiming for a billion devices running Windows 10 in two to three years but backpedalled on that goal. Windows 10 clocked in at 39.22 percent compared to 7's 36.90 percent.

Windows 10 v1809 is being a "bone in the neck" release for Microsoft.

A cumulative update with the fix for the reported issue could be shipped to Windows 10 October 2018 Update devices later this month.

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For the first time since its launch in the middle of 2015, Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system has taken the top spot as the most-installed version of Windows, and therefore the most common OS in the world.

Despite assurances, many businesses who had been bitten in the past, had refused to upgrade, holding steadfastly onto the venerable Windows 7, and there's a fair bet that the majority of remaining Windows 7 machines are in offices.

The stats tracker analyses usage across thousands of websites, from around 100 million sessions each month.

Interestingly, Windows' market share as a whole declined slightly between November and December, falling from 87.03 percent to 86.2 percent. As The Verge points out, Windows 7 extended support doesn't end until January 14, 2020. Mac OS' share, meanwhile, went up from 9.71 percent to 10.65 percent.

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