Google's Fuchsia OS Spotted With Android Apps Support Through Android Runtime

Google's Fuchsia OS Spotted With Android Apps Support Through Android Runtime

Google's Fuchsia OS Spotted With Android Apps Support Through Android Runtime

However, to curb the issue of app compatibility, it appears that the company is designing the Fuchsia OS to support Android apps.

There has been a bit of continuing speculation as to whether Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS would join the ranks of other Google operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android OS in its support for Android apps.

While any further information on Fuchsia and Android integration isn't available, it would be safe to assume that Google intends to launch Fuchsia OS in the future in such a manner that it doesn't suffer the fate of Windows Mobile. It says that Fuchsia Device Targets are used to build ART (Android Runtime) for Fuchsia, and both arm64 and X86_64 architectures are mentioned in the listing.

The memo, spotted by 9to5Google, suggests that Fuchsia will use a special version of Android Runtime to enable Android apps, which means that users won't have to ditch the apps they've come to rely on when the update finally arrives. Google's plans regarding Fuchsia are a complete mystery at this point, as the company did not really talk about pre-installing this OS on any hardware or anything of the sort.

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Besides, in the forthcoming weeks and months, we should expect more and more rumors and, who knows, maybe some official news regarding iOS 13. The search giant has confirmed that it is working on the new operating system that is supposed to power everything from smartphones to smart appliances and more. Huawei may also be one of the first OEMs to use this system since it closely follows Fuchsia's development.

Fuchsia OS is being created from the scratch to overcome certain limitations that Android presents.

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