Qualcomm shells out billions to uphold Apple's German iPhone ban

Apple set to pull some iPhones from its German stores...

Chip-for-tat escalates: Qualcomm's billion-Euro bond to block Apple iPhone sales in Germany

A court ruling in Munich on 20 December found Apple had infringed patents on power-saving technology. December, the infringement of a Qualcomm patent by Apple found. Qualcomm's got the right, a ban on the sale to enforce, if the chip, the group deposited the security.

The ban also forces Apple to pull the infringing iPhone models from third-party German stores. The judgment is immediately enforceable once Qualcomm posts bonds covering potential damages incurred by Apple should the judgment be overturned or amended on appeal.

As indicated by the court arrange, Apple needs to stop the deal, offer available to be purchased and importation available to be purchased of all encroaching iPhones in Germany.

In addition, Apple has once again confirmed that it will now go to the higher regional court to have the verdict appealed. Apple had said it was engaging the choice.

An employee of German Apple retailer Gravis displays an iPhone 7 and 8 in a store in Berlin on January 3, 2019.

In a statement, Qualcomm said that the ban extends to third-party resellers, despite Apple's claims to the contrary.

At the heart of the dispute in the German case are chips made by one of Apple's suppliers used in iPhones, with both parties at loggerheads on how the chips actually work, the court said.

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"These third parties are still free to sell the (affected) iPhones, and they sell the majority of iPhones", Ruting said, adding, "the question of a settlement will be driven by the U.S. litigation and not the German case".

With the lackluster sales performance of this year's newest iPhones, market observers have seen some support grow around older models like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Apple has appealed the ruling, so the story is still far from over.

Under German law, judgements become enforceable once the victor of the patent dispute posts bonds covering potential damages incurred by the losing party, in case the judgment is overturned or amended on appeal.

Still, Apple also pushed a software update to address concerns over whether it was in compliance with Chinese courts.

Apple had filed a request for the Chinese court to reconsider its decision, but no outcome has been announced.

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