Fortnite: How to Complete Season 7 Week 5 Challenges

Fortnite Snowfall Battle Star Location Week 5

Fortnite Snowfall Battle Star Location Week 5

Find below the most direct methods to complete all the Season 7 Week 5 Challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale. By collecting more Battle Stars and upping their tier, up to a season maximum of 100, players can earn limited-time rewards like cosmetic outfits and XP boosts.

New challenges are released on a Thursday every week for Fortnite Battle Royale and the challenges for week 5 of Season 7 have just gone live. Even new players have a few dance moves to choose from, but where to find the water tower (Retail Row), the ranger tower (Lonely Lodge) and the air traffic control tower (Frosty Flights) is going to be the challenge here. You need 7 to complete this Fortnite challenge, but these don't all have to be gotten at once. There are only three stages to this challenge and is quite simple to complete.

Search for a location which must be right between a giant rock man, a crowned tomato and an encircled tree, eliminate an enemy player from a certain distance, search chests in Wailing Woods and Paradise Palms and complete a challenge which is comprised of multiple actions, beginning with dancing on top or a water tower.

As you know, the Battle Star is pretty important and getting one gives up an upper hand. It's easy to miss at first, but once you've found it you'll net yourself a whopping five Battle Stars.

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Players will need to dance on the water tower and then remain in the game until they win or are eliminated.

Drop down through that hole, and you'll land right on top of Grog's hut.

The Fortnite Ranger Tower challenge is but one of seven new challenges this week. The tower itself is located in the southeast portion of Retail Row.

Next up, you'll need to search chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms. You can find a visual representation of the location for the air traffic control tower in Fortnite below.

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