Social Media-Depression Link In Teen Girls

Social Media-Depression Link In Teen Girls

Social Media-Depression Link In Teen Girls

As per The Guardian, Wessely also stated that it is still hard for the researchers to say "that social media use causes poor mental health, although the evidence is starting to point in that direction".

Among teens who use social media the most - more than five hours a day - the study showed a 50 per cent increase in depressive symptoms among girls versus 35 per cent among boys when their symptoms were compared with those who use social media for only one to three hours daily. And where else are they likely to be bombarded with images of unattainable physiques than social media?

Compared to 28 per cent of boys, 40 per cent of girls have suffered sleep loss because of online habits. Uneasiness and sleep rest are both connected to despondency. When it came to body image, self-esteem and appearance - while more girls were affected, the gap with boys was not as great.

Yvonne Kelly, an educator at University College London's Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care who co-drove the examination, encouraged guardians and policymakers to take note of its outcomes.

The study, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, was published online in the journal EClinicalMedicine on Friday.

Bryce Fortino is a Senior Politics Reporter at Spruce Tribune covering state and national politics, . They also completed the Moods and Feelings Questionnaire which is used to screen for symptoms of depression. Kelly and her colleagues found that 14-year-old girls are heavier social media users than 14-year-old boys. Poor sleep has always been associated with depressive symptoms.

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Shirley Cramer, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) commented: "This important new research confirms that we need to increase awareness and understanding amongst parents, schools and policy makers about the role of social media in our young people's mental health, particularly taking into account the increased risks for girls".

The study also found that 12 per cent of light social media users and 38 per cent of heavy social media users (more than five hours a day) showed signs of having more severe depression.

The use of social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat might be causing teenagers, especially girls, to experience depressive symptoms.

Shannon McLaughlin, 18, from Blackburn, explained how social media has harmed her mental health. They noted than one in two girls and one in four boys had a disrupted sleep "most of the time".

The extent to which social media has embedded itself into the daily lives of people can not be understated. Seeing that everyone was happy and enjoying life made me feel so much worse.

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