Disneyland raises cost of some tickets by 25%

Disneyland raises cost of some tickets by 25%

Disneyland raises cost of some tickets by 25%

"Fans absolutely will pay Disneyland's higher prices to experience the new Star Wars lands", says Niles. Tickets for regular-demand days have risen from $117 to $129, and tickets on peak-demand days have gone from $135 to $149. increase.

Less than a year ago, the resort increased prices by up to 18 percent.

A one-day, one-park ticket is now $104 for low-demand days, such as May weekdays.

In preparation for the grand opening of Galaxy's Edge at both Disneyland and WDW later this year, we can only hope to see more great Star Wars merchandise drop. The rates for annual passes and parking are, of course, also going up.

The Los Angeles Times reports price increases in recent years have not thinned the throngs at Disneyland and nearby California Adventure Park. The least expensive daily ticket to Disney World in Florida will be $109.

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The increase in ticket prices have always been aimed at crowd control, and with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge which will feature two attractions and a 14-acre expansion, it's still not clear if tickets price increases will limit the crowds.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Disneyland Resort announced that ticket prices are increasing by up to 25 percent for daily tickets, annual passes, and parking.

The price of admission to get into the Magic Kingdom has gone up again. "The average family can't even afford to go to Disneyland because of the cost".

Disney representatives said that more days will be blocked out in 2019 for most annual passholders than they were past year.

The 14-acre expansion will lay host to two new attractions, with one ride allowing visitors to channel their inner Han Solo and pilot the iconic Millennium Falcon spaceship, battling an Imperial fleet.

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