Man wanted by police after being caught on video licking family’s doorbell

Man With Allegedly'World's Longest Tongue

WATCH Man Billed as Having'World's Longest Tongue Lick His Forehead

The footage also showed the man appearing to relieve himself.

Police in the California community of Salinas are trying to track down a man who spent three hours licking the doorbell of a home in an incident that was caught on video.

Police are now looking to speak to 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo in relation to the incident.

'I thought, "Boy, there's a lot of traffic".

"I go, 5 am in the morning?"

The weird display of doorbell-lovin' was caught on surveillance camera while Sylvia and Dave Dungan were out of town, but their children were inside the home at the time.

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The Dungans might have been none the wiser, if their brand new surveillance system wasn't so damn high-tech, alerting them to movement by the front door. After they later watched the footage, they were shocked.

"You kind of laugh about it afterward because technically he didn't do anything", Dungan told KION-TV. Police said the suspect also took an extension cord from the yard, however, the stolen item was found by the victim's neighbors the next day.

Police forwarded their report to the Monterey County District Attorney's Office.

"Comical in a sense, but we have to keep our eyes open make sure it's nothing more than that", neighbor Francisco Javier Estrada said.

"I was asleep and awoke to what seemed like a nightmare", she said.

Police told the news station the doorbell licker could be charged with two misdemeanor charges, including prowling.

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