Rami Malek responds to Nicole Kidman blanking him at Golden Globes

Rami Malek responds to Nicole Kidman blanking him at Golden Globes

Rami Malek responds to Nicole Kidman blanking him at Golden Globes

While it didn't seem to be a malicious moment from Kidman, fans on social media noticed the cringe-worthy moment, which spread like wildfire online.

"I had not seen that", an embarrassed Malek said through his hands.

The actor explained that, despite the awkward interaction, the two stars have actually been friends for years.

"I don't think it goes close to being the best film for the year", Quinn told Kate and Quarters this morning.

Just after he won the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for Bohemian Rhapsody, Malek rushed onstage again when the movie won Best Picture - albeit a little later than the rest of the cast and crew, leaving him in the dust when he tried to talk to Nicole Kidman, presenter of the award and all-around goddess.

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He added: "I have a feeling this is probably haunting me on the Internet". She tweeted, "I've always been a huge Queen fan and I fell in love with the band even more after watching the incredible Bohemian Rhapsody".

The Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and the fact-based comedy Green Book won major film awards for Drama and Comedy at the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

But in an editorial that made Kate Stevenson's heart sing this morning - "Oh Karl, I lived for your column this morning" - The Age's national film editor, Karl Quinn says neither movies are particularly impressive films, and he doesn't expect either to win the Oscar.

Now the film is celebrating again after being nominated for seven BAFTA awards.

"To you Brian May and you Roger Taylor for ensuring that authenticity and inclusivity exists in the music and in the world and in all of us. I'm privileged to be counted among you". "This is for and because of you gorgeous", Malek concluded.

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