CES 2019: AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

CES 2019: AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

CES 2019: AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

Indeed, the chip maker has just announced its 3d gen Ryzen desktop processors, which will be the first consumers CPUs using the company's 7nm process node.

Su boasted about Radeon IV's performance, telling the gathered crowd that the second-gen Vega architecture offers 25 percent more performance at the same power as previous Vega graphics.

Unveiled by AMD CEO Lisa Su at CES on Wednesday, the Radeon 7 takes aim squarely at Nvidia's flagship RTX 2080 GPU.

Su also showed the CPU itself, and discussed how it was different from any other AMD chips you may have seen. It delivers up to 35 percent higher performance in Battlefield V when compared to the Radeon RX Vega 64 card, and it delivers up to 25 percent higher performance in Fortnite. AMD has promised a 27% jump to users in Blender and a 62% jump in DaVinci Resolve 15 for GPU compute workloads. It also provides seamless, high-refresh HDR5 gaming at 1080p, ultrawide 1440p and 4K, and enables next-generation photo and visual creation applications on razor-sharp, vibrant 8K monitors.

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At CES 2019, AMD presented preliminary information about the third generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs, which are expected to be available in mid-2019.

As for when you'll be able to get one yourself, there's actually not long to wait.

AMD will also offer customers who buy an eligible AMD Radeon VII video card or a Radeon VII-powered computer the Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 games, as part of its "Raise the Game Fully Loaded" bundle.

What is more interesting is the claim that Radeon VII is about the same speed as Nvidia's recent GeForce RTX 2080, costing the same $699, in DX11 and DX12 titles, whilst it is supposed to be faster in the less-used Vulkan API. This is the company's latest high-performance GPU, with the AMD Navi graphics cards unlikely to arrive until much further into 2019. Meanwhile, last year's Ryzen 7 2700X scores 1754 points in the same test, so we are looking at a decent performance bump.

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