AT&T Rolls out Fake 5G Logo - and Competitors Pounce

AT&T customers will start seeing this fake 5G icon in their status bars

Enlarge AT&T customers will start seeing this fake 5G icon in their status

"And together with Sprint, we'll add much-needed spectrum depth, creating a truly transformative 5G network!". Updating a phone to show that it is running on a 5G E network, when it is running on the same 4G LTE network it was on yesterday, is false advertising.

AT&T recently updated its phones to replace "LTE" with "5G E". And you don't see these carriers using 5G branding. With 5G E, there is no upgrade.

It is not the first time that USA carriers have been murky about network claims.

AT&T said data traffic on its mobile network has grown more than 470,000 percent since 2007 with video making up half of mobile data traffic. These technologies serve as the runway to 5G by boosting the existing LTE network and priming it for the future of connectivity.

AT&T added 4×4 MIMO, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (256 QAM) and other enhancements to its 4G LTE network in approximately 400 markets. Not only was it a fixed 5G network, but it also was not using the 5G standard that is being used around the world.

AT&T's "5G E" service-which is not actually connected to a new 5G network-was launched in December.

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"It's not really 5G, and it's very confusing to people", he said. This residential service is meant to compete with cable rather than offer cellular connectivity outside the home. The company also cited a host of benefits it says are the big draws for these new additions - things like Unlimited rate plans, Netflix at no extra charge for qualifying customers on family plans, free worldwide data roaming and texting in more than 210 countries and destinations and more.

Verizon spokesman Kevin King said comparing Verizon's 5G service to AT&T's move is a mistake because Verizon has been clear that it wasn't using standards-compliant equipment right away.

T-Mobile's tweet was amusing indeed, and we can't wait to check out the carrier's new "9G" phone.

AT&T declined to comment about the pushback.

"The potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist", Verizon's chief technology officer Kyle Malady wrote in the ad. Fortunately for them, AT&T will have some handsets ready for them to upgrade to when the time comes.

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