Government shutdown: TSA shortages push MIA to close terminal

Government shutdown: TSA shortages push MIA to close terminal

Government shutdown: TSA shortages push MIA to close terminal

Here is a roundup of recent developments in the partial government shutdown's impact on air travel.

Bilello said on Twitter that the TSA is working with "stakeholders and industry partners to explore efforts to consolidate officers and operations". "You're going to have longer lines next week I would imagine, that would have to be the case if people can't make it to work".

The "Blue Flu" as it's being called because of the TSA's blue shirts, is believed to be caused by the ongoing government shutdown, which has stopped paychecks for TSA employees.

The shutdown was triggered by a standoff over funding for President Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

Federal Aviation Administration employees in the air traffic control tower are contracted, and will not experience pay issues, but controllers in the nearby Wilmington control tower will continue to work without pay along with TSA employees.

The continuing government shutdown, now tied for the longest in US history, is starting to affect airport operations and has cut the flow of federal money to transit agencies, including the CTA.

Miami International Airport is closing a terminal this weekend because security screeners have been calling in sick at twice the airport's normal rate as the federal government shutdown stretches toward a fourth week.

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The controllers are among hundreds of thousands of federal workers forced to work for free during the partial government shutdown.

TSA workers are considered essential federal employees and had to go to work Friday, though they were not paid.

Economists at S&P Global said the shutdown has cost the US economy $3.6 billion so far. A Federal Reserve survey in May found that 40 percent of Americans would have to borrow or sell something to make a $400 emergency payment.

This is the longest government shutdown in history and has gone on for three weeks.

Friday marks the first day screeners will miss a paycheck, and airport spokesman Greg Chin said there's a concern there won't be enough workers to handle all 11 checkpoints during normal hours over the weekend. On Thursday, 99.9 percent of passengers waited less than 30 minutes, Bilello said.

US airport security workers and air traffic controllers working without pay have been warning that security and safety could be compromised if the government shutdown continues, but the Trump administration said on Wednesday that staffing is adequate and travelers have not faced unusual delays. "We thank TSA officers for their resilience and diligence, and we thank industry and the public for their continued acts of kindness and support".

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