Samsung Reveals 219-Inch TV Called 'The Wall'

Samsung Reveals 219-Inch TV Called 'The Wall'

Samsung Reveals 219-Inch TV Called 'The Wall'

It's from whence the TVs of tomorrow come. "This is our R9 signature OLED TV for 2019", an LG spokesperson added. The TV can also transform itself into three different viewing options.

The Wall uses a micro LED technology, which creates a brighter image using less energy than current televisions.

Samsung have launched their latest invention, a 219-inch Smart TV called "The Wall". The giant TV isn't a single piece, instead, multiple modules allow users to customise it into different screen sizes for various spaces. However, the company was able to shrink the TV down to a "more home-friendly" 75-inch, modular version.

Sony's Master Series Z9G doesn't care though - seeing as it has an advanced machine learning algorithm for upscaling to 8K, and the hefty X1 Ultimate processor to power it.

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Every TV company is touting new 8K televisions with four times the resolution of 4K televisions.

Is this really "the world's most cinematic TV"?

Samsung also expanded its 8K TV series with the introduction of a 98-inch model. The previous one was also Samsung's own 85-inch model launched a year ago.

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