BioWare Details ‘Anthem’ Endgame with New Missions, Stories

Early Anthem Roadmap Outlined First Event Happens in March and Here’s What’s in It

Early Anthem Roadmap Outlined First Event Happens in March and Here’s What’s in It

The video also teases that you can do freeplay in the end-game.

Responding to a player on Twitter, who asked whether save files from current generation version of Anthem will carry over to the next generation he responded with one word: "Always".

Is this enough endgame content for you? In the second video from the This Is Anthem series, the team focuses on what players can expect from the endgame.

As you take on missions in Anthem, your Pilot level will increase, making new aspects of all your javelins available.

What's in store for Anthem players that reach Pilot Level 30? Challenges will award you with coins and crafting materials, while strongholds are team-required missions with some of the biggest rewards. Check out all the different options below. The last three are called Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3.

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After completing the main story, Anthem will open up to three new difficulty modes which will enable you to collect and craft better rewards to boost your power, new cosmetics to match your preference, new emotes to stand out from the crowd, and of course, vinyl for your Javelin.

The higher the difficulty level, the better your chances of finding Anthem's highest rarity gear and personalization items. Seamless and intelligent matchmaking will ensure you can quickly and easily find other players to adventure alongside. Complete a variety of endgame missions, including contracts and challenges to unlock and gather all the pieces.

As you become a more powerful Freelancer, people in Fort Tarsis start to notice you more - and some of them would love to put you to work. Different factions will offer contracts: sometimes unpredictable missions with unique problems.

Legendary contracts will appear too, though these will be sectioned out into a few parts and a lot harder to complete... but just think of that sweet sweet loot at the end! They're called "the highest-level challenges" that are "longer missions" against "some of the deadliest enemies in the world", and they're rewarded with "some of the best loot in the game".

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