Soon Microsoft Will Throw Internet Explorer To The Trash

Microsoft Drag Internet Explorer to the Trash. No ReallyMore

Microsoft Drag Internet Explorer to the Trash. No ReallyMore

Chris Jackson, worldwide lead for cyber-security at the computing giant, admitted developers are no longer testing on the legacy web browser and have turned to "modern browsers" instead.

The blog post is titled "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser", and goes on to detail how using this dated web browser creates what's known as "technical debt" within businesses.

We are not supporting new web standards for this, while many sites work excellent, large and developers are not experimenting and testing for Internet Explorer these days. The cybersecurity expert further warns saying that businesses that are still using Internet Explorer usually end up paying extra to get support for old software.

Microsoft wants users to stop surfing the web on Internet Explorer.

In the post, he says that "Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution".

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Responding to some comments, Mr. Jackson said, "We want you to use the Internet Explorer the sites that need it - what I'm trying to say here is that I hope you don't use it for everything else".

The landscape has seen a considerable shift since then- Chrome is now the dominant browser, in terms of market share, followed by Safari in a distant second place, and then Firefox, according to both StatCounter and Net Applications.

Microsoft has recommended users to try and stay ahead of the curve and transition to new modern browser for not only compatibility improvements but also security reasons as well. As for which browser you should use, Jackson said that's up to you.

Jackson doesn't even refer to Internet Explorer as a browser in the blog post. It hangs around because in the old days, so much of the web and the tools businesses built were created to be compatible with IE.

Microsoft later confirmed that it is dropping the Internet Explorer brand for Edge when it launched Windows 10. Consequently, if we continued our previous method, you would end up in a scenario where, by making the best or most effective use of the things you have, you will end up like that you are not capable to use new apps as they come out.

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