Spotify to terminate or suspend accounts that block ads

Spotify will soon ban your account if you use an ad blocker

Spotify will soon ban your account if you use an ad blocker

Spotify underscored that "all types of ad blockers, bots and fraudulent streaming activities" are prohibited.

In an update to their Terms of Service Spotify have made it clear that they are taking ad-blocking on their platform seriously.

Adverse consequences will include a warning e-mail, followed by suspension and then a subsequent account termination if users don't change their ways.

Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is cracking down on listeners using ad blockers on the free version of the app.

Do you use ad-blockers in Spotify?

That's not to say that Spotify doesn't have measures in place to detect abnormal activity, it does, but this change makes it known to all users that Spotify won't tolerate ad-blockers being used.

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Free users aren't required to do anything to accept the terms, as simply connecting to Spotify after March 1 means they agree with the update.

Spotify has reinforced its fight against ad-blockers by explicitly banning them in its terms of service.

According to the new rules, "circumventing or blocking advertisements" as well as "creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements" is now prohibited.

Reports have recently shown that around two million free Spotify users are using some sort of ad blocker to block the ads from Spotify. If you're using any of these options, you should probably stop immediately, lest your account gets terminated.

Spotify, reporting fourth-quarter earnings this week, said it has 116 million ad-supported monthly active users and that it generated $198 million in ad revenue. The company aims to achieve it with recent acquisitions of podcast companies Gimlet Media and Anchor.

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