Wild Hunt Crossover Event Starts Today

Wild Hunt Crossover Event Starts Today

Wild Hunt Crossover Event Starts Today

The crossover content revolves around a new, original quest line available for all players who have reached Hunter Rank 16 or higher.

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account has just confirmed that the new Witcher content will be available today.

Capcom announced the Monster Hunter World/The Witcher crossover event back in December of a year ago and brings new RPG elements to Monster Hunter World. The quest is titled "Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest" and it stars The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia (still voiced by Doug Cockle) who must track down and deal with a powerful force known as the Leshen. This quest line is single-player only, and it will see Geralt venturing into the forest to hunt down and kill Leshen using his silver sword and spells. Players will also engage in dialogues with other characters, influencing how the story unfolds through choices they make - a hallmark of The Witcher series.

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The available costume sets for the hunter are based on the main "Witcher" characters, Geralt and Siri. Apparently, the new update will feature a whole new icy and snowy region for the players to hunt in and a monster which looks similar to one from the previous "Monster Hunter" entries. The quest runs from February 15 to March 1 and is open to players with a Hunter Rank of 50 or higher. How do you feel about Geralt joining the fray? Completing the Woodland Spirit contract will reward players with resources needed to craft Ciri's armor and weapon set. Completion rewards include a Ciri weapon and armour set.

The Monster Hunter World collaboration with The Witcher 3 went live yesterday, and we now know more about what you'll be up to as Geralt. The patch will be coming to PC as well at a later date.

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