Fitbit's New Health Tracker Is Only Available Through Employers And Health Insurers

Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker leaks in colorful images

Fitbit Has a New Activity Tracker. But You Can't Buy It in Stores

Fitbit Inspire has the core elements of a health tracker - calorie monitor, sleep and activity tracker, phone alerts, and a move reminder for when a user has stayed sedentary for a bit too long.

The company's response* to our questions waffled a lot, with the only material information being that the devices would be "available exclusively through Fitbit Health Solutions, are available to plan members and employees of Fitbit Health Solutions partners and customers". When it comes to buying fitness trackers in bulk, business customers are more than willing to work with Fitbit because they are much more affordable.

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Inspire has a fancier version, though. There's additionally a barely extra superior model named the Fitbit Inspire HR, which provides 24/7 coronary heart fee monitoring, sleep levels monitoring, train modes, tempo, and distance control, and cardio health ranges. It also has different exercise modes, cardio fitness levels, and pace and distance monitoring that works with a phone's Global Positioning System. The HR variant can also track sleep stages (light, deep, REM) and can also record real time pace and distance via user's smartphone Global Positioning System. The Inspire and Inspire HR share a set of features: basic tracking and notifications, battery capacity and water-resistant rating. Individual prices aren't available, though. The device also comes with connected Global Positioning System which Fitbit says will track your pace and distance in real time. Fitbit's first business-to-business tracker - Fitbit Inspire - is only available with select companies and health insurance members, who have tie-ups with Fitbit.

In an interview with CNBC, Fitbit CEO James Park explained that the company already has 6.8 million users via various wellness programs, and that the plan is to keep increasing that number.

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