Measles Outbreak Declared in the Philippines, 70 Dead

Measles Outbreak Declared in the Philippines, 70 Dead

Measles Outbreak Declared in the Philippines, 70 Dead

"There are some children who can not receive some vaccinations because of medical conditions such as cancer or an immune deficiency and that leaves them vulnerable to these potentially very serious childhood illnesses", Levine said.

Before a vaccine became available in 1963, nearly all children in the U.S. had been infected by age 15, and as many as four million Americans caught measles annually, leading to as many as 500 deaths, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. That's similar to Washington, which allows parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children because of personal beliefs. The rarity of measles typically can lead to not routinely considering measles in the differential diagnosis for a rash illness, and during an outbreak, multiple rashes can be thought to be measles.

The Philippines was one of the first countries to begin a national dengue immunization program after Dengvaxia was approved for use, and country officials have probed the deaths of several school children to determine if their severe dengue infections were the result of vaccine use.

Measles is highly infectious and spreads through air when an infected person coughs or sneezes, according to the Vancouver Coastal Health.

Consultants consider that that is one motive why anti-vaccination hot spots like Clark County, Washington have popped up.

"We do like to see immunization rates as high as possible". Four more cases have been confirmed in Oregon.

When Mayci was 17, she talked to her dad about getting the vaccine when she turned 18. "The fact that I work in a doctor's office has allowed me to really become educated on the myths and truths about vaccines".

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Health workers administer house-to-house measles vaccination to children in Payatas, Quezon City on February 7, 2019, amid measles outbreak in parts of the Philippines.

One dose of the vaccine brings a person to 93 percent immunity.

The CDC attributes measles outbreaks, both recent and the ones in years past, to many people from the USA traveling to countries with more measles cases than usual, as well as small pockets of unvaccinated people in the US itself. Experts are not sure why.

Several news outlets have reported that unvaccinated teens are taking to Reddit to ask adults for advice on how they can get the shots without their parents knowing.

"She stood at the gravesides of poor dead children to wage a vicious campaign of disinformation, pseudo-science and politically-motivated witch-hunts", Hontiveros said.

In response, Duterte has called on his health officials to increase efforts to immunise children, urging parents to avail of basic vaccines they could get free at public health centres.

"For 16 years I haven't received any vaccinations", Ethan Lindenberger told KTLA sister station WJW. on Monday.

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