Michelle Obama's Grammy appearance did not impress her mom

Michelle Obama’s text exchange with mom is so relatable

Michelle Obama’s Mom Doesn’t Think She’s a ‘Real Star’ in Funny Text Convo

Mother and daughter then quibbled over whether Obama had told her she would be on.

Obama's celebrity on an worldwide scale as the former first lady is unquestionable, but in her hometown of Chicago, the woman born Michelle Robinson is particularly beloved.

And although the music industry treated her like a rock star, Marian Robinson wasn't so impressed.

"And I AM A real star.by the way.", she wrote.

"No you did not", her mother responded.

The text chain starts with Marian writing, "I guess you were a hit at the Grammys", with a smiling emoji. Her daughter asked mom if she had watched.

"And I am a real star by the way".

Although Robinson maintained she wasn't aware about Michelle going to the show, many found the former First Lady's situation very relatable.

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"When your mom doesn't think you're a "real" celebrity", she captioned the exchange.

While the former FLOTUS scored a standing ovation as she helped open Sunday's show alongside Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys, a text she's shared from her mom, Marian Robinson, undoubtedly put her ego in check.

"I thought I told you", Michelle answered.

"No you did not", Robinson replied, joking, "I would have remembered that even though I don't remember much".

"Keeps one humble, but you are already that!"

"Gotta love moms. [they're] all the same no matter who you are", another Instagram commenter summed up.

'I mean, you think about my girls were being driven around in a motorcade of three cars with at least four grown adults with guns in each of those cars.

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