Airline sues passenger for not taking booked flight

Airline sues passenger who skipped last leg of his flight	 	 	 			Lufthansa plane

Airline sues passenger who skipped last leg of his flight Lufthansa plane

The airline hack is known as the "hidden city" scheme, in which a person books a flight with a layover, and then intentionally stays at the layover city instead of continuing to the planned final destination. So far a court has found in favour of the passenger - but now Lufthansa is appealing. Lufthansa German Airline is no exception. However, the wily passenger used all legs of the outbound flight, but opted out of the Frankfurt to Oslo return flight and, instead, flew on an unconnected Lufthansa reservation from Frankfurt to Berlin, Germany. In 2015, United Airlines sued 22-year-old Aktarer Zaman who founded a site called

Skiplagged still operates, and its website reads: "Find flights the airlines don't want you to see".

Why? Because the flight between point A to point C, with the connection at point B, might be less expensive than a flight from point A to point B.

"I would simply have someone drive me 80 miles to Dayton, then fly back through Cincinnati to some destination".

The only caveat is customers have to take hand-luggage so any hold bags are not sent onto the final destination.

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Another risk is that if you miss the first leg of a flight you will be considered a no-show for the others.

The legal hounds at an airline's headquarters might argue that hidden city ticketing violates their "contract of carriage", but some travel industry observers disagree.

British Airways states in its conditions: "Where you change your travel without our agreement and the price for the resulting transportation you intend to undertake is greater than the price originally paid, you will be requested to pay the difference in price".

The case was linked a loophole exploited by savvy travellers.

Lufthansa are believed to be hit harder by the practice than other airlines because numerous company's flights are routed through the hubs of Frankfurt and Munich.

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