Move Over 5G, Donald Trump Already Has His Sights On 6G Internet

Trump calls for ā€˜5G and even 6Gā€™ wireless tech as T-Mobile and Sprint seek merger approval

Donald Trump Demands 6G Internet, Which Isn't Even Close To Existing Yet

Nobody really knows what Trump was talking about here, although the suspicion is that it all revolves around a concern that the 5G push is going to be something that sees Chinese company Huawei get a foothold in places where Trump and various government agencies believes it shouldn't. "It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard", the president told his Twitter followers.

However, the sudden spur of the President's tweets in support of the next-gen wireless telecom advancements was sneered at, as 6G technology does not exist, yet.

"I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible", he tweeted. He endorses that American companies should step up their efforts now, or they will be left behind by the rest of the competition. "The risk to privacy from this technology is very, very real, and we're out sharing this information". He then said there's no reason the country should be lagging behind on something, which is obviously the future.

Trump's tweet also expressed his desire to "win through competition" instead of "blocking out now more advanced technologies".

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Trump's tweet also comes on the heels of Samsung releasing the Galaxy S10 5G, which promises to come with 5G capability.

Earlier in March a year ago, Trump blocked Broadcom Ltd from acquiring Qualcomm Inc, the biggest maker of mobile phone chips, on concerns that the merger would help give China an edge in the race to develop 5G. As we Malaysians continue to roll out 5G networks (and may just get them before the U.S., lol) feel free to check out the tweet for yourself below. This has led many to speculate he might be ready to take a softer stance on Chinese 5G developer Huawei.

Another user demanded changes in the 1996 Telecom Act and said that a better nationwide fibre network deployment and backhaul infrastructure changes were the need of the hour.

Perhaps Trump's just keen for United States technology to be looking as far ahead as it possibly can, but regardless, it's an odd statement to make for someone in his position.

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