Sen. Feinstein debates children over climate change

Sunrise Movement shared the video on Twitter

Sunrise Movement TWITTERSunrise Movement shared the video on Twitter

"That resolution will not pass the Senate", Feinstein told the activists, according to a news release from the Sunrise Movement. The Green New Deal, championed by Democrats Sen.

A group of kids and their adult handlers representing an activist group called Sunrise Movement Bay Area visited Sen.

Buck Sexton tweeted: "Senator Feinstein refused to be lectured and bullied by a mob of brainwashed tweens on the insanely stupid Green New Deal".

In the video, Feinstein also asks a girl how old she is as the girl says politicians should listen to the people they represent.

As the kids continue to push back at her, urging her to vote "yes" on the Green New Deal even if it is unlikely to pass, Feinstein becomes visibly frustrated and starts to talk over the group. I've been doing this for 30 years, I know what I'm doing. "I'll tell you what", she said. You come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway.

"I'm 16", the young woman responds.

Whether you're on the side of the kids or the grandma (not an insult, Feinstein reports she has seven grandchildren), one lesson here is that telling a bunch of kids that you won your race by "a million vote plurality" isn't the best way to endear yourself to an increasingly rambunctious climate movement. I know what I'm doing. Oh it's vague. Oh it doesn't address this little minute thing.' And I'm like, 'You try.

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Earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez rolled out the resolution that proposed a total overhaul of the USA economy and energy sectors over the next 10 years, coupled with progressive policies unrelated to addressing climate change.

Feinstein replied, saying, "You know what's interesting about this group?" "But we're the people who voted you, you're supposed to listen to us". 'She lives there, ' spokesman Corbin Trent told of the condo in the Parkchester neighborhood that was owned by Ocasio-Cortez's late father. If Feinstein was expecting an end of the week meet-and-greet, it did not go as planned. While some wrote that a shortened version of the video made Feinstein's conduct look worse than she had actually behaved, others said that the full version of the video was just as damning.

During the same speech, Ocasio-Cortez claimed that she had to bring the deal forward because she is one of the few young enough to be impacted by the threat of climate change.

The children wrote a letter to Feinstein on a poster board decorated with hard-drawn animals and flowers, asking that she support the Green New Deal.

In a statement Friday evening, the senator said: "I want the children to know they were heard loud and clear ..."

Feinstein's liberal challenger in the 2018 election, Kevin de Leόn, did not mention Feinstein directly after the video spread across the Internet, but tweeted "Climate change is real, and we won't survive what's coming unless EVERYONE is part of the conversation".

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) waits to board an elevator after a vote on January 31 on Capitol Hill.

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