Google Hardware makes cuts to laptop and tablet development, cancels products

The team that made the Pixel Slate has been cut back according to a report

The team that made the Pixel Slate has been cut back according to a report

If Google's already making changes like this for its tablet/laptop division, what's that say for other hardware projects the company's working on? It is possible that Google may have been working on other related hardware initiatives to fill out its previous product roadmap and may have chose to concentrate exclusively on a more limited hardware program.

Manufacturing roles within Create were not reportedly not impacted by the recent downsizing, which indicates that Google's near term product lineup may be unaffected.

A report from Business Insider claims that Google has axed "dozens" of employees from its laptop and tablet division.

Google's Pixel Slate, launched late a year ago at the company's Made By Google event in NY, is yet to launch in many markets and makes an intriguing case for itself running Chrome OS but also being able to run Android apps. One source confirmed that the company indeed had "a bunch of stuff in the works" prior to the employee shift.

In the meantime, Google will probably continue focusing on its smartphone and Home hardware businesses. The hardware market for laptops is fiercely competitive, and all of Google's (overpriced) efforts in this space have failed to capture the market.

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Google may be cutting down on its work with hardware products in the very near future, per an announcement made to some employees at the business this week. It seems as though Google will launch more Android devices even before it announces Pixel 4 late in 2019.

Google's in-house laptop/tablet gambit may not be panning out as well as the company had hoped.

Although the Pixel Slate and Pixelbook boast a premium design and pack decent hardware, their value proposition is low and software optimizations were questionable and often show the company's lack of commitment towards improving Chrome OS.

To be clear, the employee-shifting that's been reported seems to be concentrated for now within Google's tablet and laptop teams.

A report like this raises more questions than it answers, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any follow-up coverage as it comes out.

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