Airline apologizes to woman told to ‘cover up or leave plane’

Thomas Cook Airlines staff told a woman wearing a crop top that she was dressed inappropriately

Thomas Cook Airlines staff told a woman wearing a crop top that she was dressed inappropriately

The 21-year-old, from Birmingham, told Holly and Phil that a poll she had conducted on Twitter had seen 85 per cent of 47,000 people vote against the airline's decision to oppose the outfit she wore on the flight from Birmingham to Tenerife.

Emily O'Connor, a 21 year old student, was wearing a crop top and high-waited pants when she boarded the plane. In an interview with The Sun, a tabloid based in the United Kingdom, O'Connor called the incident "the most sexist, misogynistic, embarrassing experience of my life".

A spokesperson from Thomas Cook tells Yahoo UK they are "sorry" for how the situation was handled.

She said that the incident happened on her way from Birmingham to Tenerife. "To top it off they allowed a man hurl abuse at me whilst the Flight manager and 4 air staff stood and said nothing".

O'Connor Tweeted, "asked the plane (as they were all listening now anyway) if I was offending anyone, no-one said a word".

The airline, Thomas Cook, has since apologised for the way it handled the incident, although appeared to fall short of specifically declaring whether her outfit fell foul of company policy.

In a statement, Thomas Cook Airlines said it has apologised to O'Connor.

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According to Emily, there was four flight attendants trying to get her luggage to take her off the plane.

A crew member then made a public announcement, stating that if anyone was deemed to be "inappropriate" that they would be removed, prompting Ms. O'Connor to become "shaking and upset". After she asked the rest of the flight if they were offended by her clothing, the manager went to find her bag to remove her from the flight.

"In common with most airlines we have an appropriate attire policy". The policy is applicable to men and women of all ages, it said, adding that airline crews face the "difficult task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right".

Emily added that to make matters worse, a man sitting two rows ahead of her yelled, "Shut up you pathetic woman, put a f***ing jacket on".

"[The airline] said that a member of their team had spoken to Ms O'Connor about the situation and is now trying to get in touch again to offer a further apology, following an investigation", reports Sky News.

"Our crews have the hard task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right".

Phil and Holly were supportive of Emily and viewers watching from home also sided with her, with one saying: "Since when can't you wear a crop top/ vest on a plane going on holiday!"

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