Look up: Chicago stargazers may see Northern Lights this weekend

Look up: Chicago stargazers may see Northern Lights this weekend

Look up: Chicago stargazers may see Northern Lights this weekend

Michiganders could be in for a treat this weekend.

A G2 is considered moderate, but it also means the storm could produce northern lights visible as far south as the northern United States.

Yes, they could be visible anywhere north of Interstate 70, but areas with the absolute best chance at seeing them will be north of the Indiana-Michigan border.

Mother Nature's putting on a light show Friday night and early Saturday.

The best views are likely to be in the Scottish Highlands, or in the east in Dundee and Aberdeen where the sky is forecast to be fairly clear.

When these charged particles hit Earth's atmosphere, they cause electrons to move to a higher energy state, and when they move back to a lower state, they release light, which just so happens to create the handsome spectacle we have come to know as the Northern and Southern Lights.

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It often takes a few days for powerful flares from the sun, known as Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), to hit Earth and stoke a space storm. Since they are called the "Northern Lights", I will let you guess which direction to look, should we get our chance! So, back to the Northern Lights.

However, despite milder conditions on Saturday, Sunday is likely to see a return to more wintry weather.

"We are expecting a display of the Northern Lights over the North Pole that will extend as far south as Ireland", Moore told the Irish Independent.

According to reports, the Met Office reckons it may be possible to spy the Aurora Borealis due to a solar geomagnetic storm.

"As a result, aurora may be visible in Scotland where cloud breaks".

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