Apple TV streaming service will off bundles of Cable TV channels

The event “It’s show time” will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Park campus and will begin at 10am Pacific time

The event “It’s show time” will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Park campus and will begin at 10am Pacific time

People around the world have stopped upgrading to the latest hardware every year, and while the company still makes a lot of money, investors aren't particularly well-known for settling for less. With an expected $9.99 per month, Apple's news subscription is expected to give users unlimited access to major news websites that offer their services for a fee. Primarily, that the company is embracing its role as a services provider (something that is going very well for Apple already). The company's said to have reduced its investment in autonomous cars, for example, while pushing to make the Siri virtual assistant better. The update might include access to the new Apple news subscription service, along with other new features.

With the arrival of the 4K-enabled Apple TV past year we'd be very surprised if Apple's streaming service didn't boast super-high resolution playback.

The first rumors of this service came to light earlier this year. Apple is still working with potential partners on this, Bloomberg writes, but according to sources it will offer a collection of games for a monthly fee.

The company is also more likely to bundle paid titles together and exclude entirely free titles or titles which are free-to-play but contain microtransactions.

One person cited in the report claimed that Apple would pass the revenue onto developers by dividing it up based on how much time people spent playing the games, though that detail and others mentioned within the report haven't yet been confirmed by Apple.

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Although the comparison is beyond tired-we're sicker of writing it than you are of reading it-the approach seems like Apple's building a "Netflix for games".

Would you buy this cheaper offering if given the chance?

Ives hinted that Apple is so serious about its foray into streamingand original video content it may start looking for production studios to acquire to help streamline the production process. Of course, U.S. prices actually went up not that long ago, which is perhaps yet another reason why a new entry-level plan makes flawless sense.

Apple's investment has already surpassed $1 billion on what industry pundits say are more high-quality, mass appeal shows from Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

"If I were an American broadcast network, I would have thought twice about giving all of my libraries to Netflix", Thompson said in response to questions about any talks with Apple to participate in the iPhone maker's new news service.

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