Sanders has entered millionaire class, tax returns show

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Bernie Sanders’ campaign escalates feud with top liberal think tank

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has finally released his long-awaited 10 years of tax returns.

One particular moment from the event that has gotten some attention online, including over at The Hill, is when co-host Bret Baier asked the largely Sanders-sympathetic audience if they'd support the senator's "Medicare For All" plan. "This clearly is not the tax return of someone who does either a lot of tax planning or complex investing". At a campaign stop in Gary, Indiana, a reporter asked Sanders whether his millionaire status was at odds with his populist economic message. "I guess the president watches your network a little bit, right?"

"Maya MacGuineas, the president of independent and bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, warned on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning that Bernie Sanders' proposed policies could cost $20,000 per taxpayer", reports Fox News.

The returns showed that Sanders and his wife, Jane, paid a 26 percent effective tax rate on $561,293 in income - and made more than $1 million in both 2016 and 2017.

Sanders reported earning over $850,000 as an author in 2017 and almost $800,000 as an author in 2016.

On the contrary, he promised to raise his taxes sharply in the statement accompanying the release of his returns: "I will continue to fight to make our tax system more progressive so that our country has the resources to guarantee the American Dream to all people". "Jane, is there any way we can pay an alternative maximum tax?"

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It's been standard for major-party nominees to release their tax returns, but in 2016, Trump became the first general-election candidate in more than four decades to keep his private. MacCallum asked. "You can volunteer, you can send it back". "You can volunteer too. Why don't you give-" Sanders replied.

Klobuchar released her 2018 tax return on Monday and said in a campaign video that she hoped Trump, who spent the day campaigning in Minnesota, would release his own taxes on his trip to the state.

As for all the money he's made while railing against capitalism, Sanders insisted that he's not being hypocritical. "In my and my wife's case, I wrote a pretty good book". At the time Jane Sanders said they used profits from the sale of her share of a family property in ME to purchase the summer home. No, they are paying for access to potential future senators and presidents, and to create the reward pathway of banker-friendly politicos getting plausibly-deniable bribes if they govern the way bankers want.

Defending the earnings, he said: "Anyone who thinks I should apologize for writing a bestselling book, I'm sorry, I'm not going to do it".

Sanders also again repeated his call for prisoners to vote and defending abortion until birth.

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