Galaxy Fold Review Units are Breaking

Breaking Galaxy Fold review unit phones

Samsung’s futuristic new foldable phone keeps breaking

Shacknews is pretty obsessed with these foldable smartphone devices that are hitting the market in 2019, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold is in the hands of influencers and tech reviewers right now.

You'll also notice that there's a set of failed pixels right down the middle of the display, right in the fold. We're starting to get an answer to that question, though it's not going to be one Samsung will be happy to hear.Credit: Tom's GuideA quartet of reviewers who got early access to the Galaxy Fold are reporting issues with the device, from a bulging display to portions of the folded-out screen giving up the ghost.

The adhesive layer referred to by Gurman and Brownlee is meant to protect the OLED screen of the Fold, and Samsung told some reviewers not to remove it (not everyone got the message, though). It looks like Marques Brownlee did the same thing, so we'll have to watch and see if his unit survives. The entire left side of the display is flickering, which is unusual.

Samsung claims that the Fold's hinge can withstand 200,000 holds.

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Todd Haselton (and Kovach above) work with CNBC, so they're actually looking at the same phone here - but here's another perspective, below. So, you probably shouldn't take that layer off if you're buying a Galaxy Fold - there's a warning on the wrap that urges you to leave the film in place. So far Samsung has been suspiciously protective of the Galaxy Fold, and despite announcing it in February alongside the Galaxy S10, people haven't gotten to even touch the device until this week. It's NOT a screen protector.

In additional tweets, Gurman explained that he removed a screen protector that he didn't realize wasn't supposed to be removed - something he concedes may have exacerbated his device's problems. They're generally OK at protecting the display, but just very bad when it comes to a top-notch display experience.

"I just know that the screen is broken, and there was no obvious proximate cause for the bulge that broke it", writes Bohn. "It is not a screen protector - do not attempt to remove it", Samsung says. Shortly after, Samsung handed a number of review units to press (not us), who have had them for a couple of days now for testing.

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