UM touts contribution to historic black hole imaging

A NASA artist's concept illustration shows a supermassive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun

Here is the first photo of a black hole

"We've been hunting this for a long time", she said of the new black hole image. Since then, scientists have gathered more than enough data to attest for the fact that they are, indeed out there - for example, when black holes collide, they send a swarm of gravitational waves that ripple through space in the same way water ripples in a lake when you throw a stone in it.

"You could have seen something that was unexpected, but we didn't see something that was unexpected".

OK, that's still really hard.

There is quite a bit of stuff around to fall under the sway of the black hole's powerful gravitational pull. Even so, these supermassive black holes capture our imagination. Such jets can grow 100,000,000 times as wide as the black hole itself, and nobody knows exactly how they form.

It looks like the plasma in the image is moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light.

'Sauron is dat you #lotr #BlackHole, ' joked another, adding a photo of a man putting on his glasses alongside photos of the black hole and Sauron.

Relocation to the summit, which is 3,200 meters above sea level, could help the telescope work better since the atmosphere is thinner and there is less water vapor content, which is greatly beneficial for higher frequency observations, Chen said. "My first reaction on seeing the image was: Wow!"

However, some of that light is intercepted by the black hole in the middle. It is this light that the EHT detected, along with the "silhouette" of the black hole. However, over the years, his general relativity theory has held up pretty well as it passed every test, including the first black hole picture challenge.

Flaming eye: The image of a black hole at the centre of galaxy M87 captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.

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More than just historical value, the photo of the black hole is an important step forward in continuing to study space. His formula was inspired by Einstein's theory of general relativity and measured the radius of a black hole. However, the estimates disagreed by about a factor of two.

Getting an image of a black hole is one of those things that seem impossibly challenging, but with the efforts of astronomers all around the world, humanity is finally getting a direct glimpse of this cosmic object.

The problems of capturing a black hole are large and plentiful.

EHT initially targeted two black holes for observation. "We think we can make the image perhaps a little sharper through algorithms", Doleman said.

The net result is that M87* has almost the same apparent size as Sagittarius A*. We see mass concentrations in the centers of galaxies, but in most cases we can not prove that the densities are those of a black hole. However, as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

The EHT collaboration will continue observing M87 and a second target, the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy, a 4 million solar mass object called Sagittarius A*.

Scientists at eight radio telescopes observatories - stretching from Hawaii to Greenland to the French Alp to Antarctica - captured images of one black hole in our Milky Way - known as Sagittarius A* - and one in a nearby galaxy called M87, over the course of a week in April 2017.

Dr. Mościbrodzka has been involved in 64 scientific publications and already provides the images that most of the global media use when showing black holes, with her "Galactic center black hole".

Combined, these instruments provided an effective telescope nearly the size of the Earth - that is, a diameter of almost 13 million metres.

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