Wonky black hole seen firing off plasma "bullets"

Astronomers Make Movie Of Black Hole Spinning Like A Top

Astronomers witness black hole dragging spacetime

Such property results in the internal part of the disk to shake up like a top and release jets in different directions as its orientation alters.

Often, as the enormous gravity of a black hole pulls gas from a nearby star, some of that material is shot back into space at almost the speed of light.

As this black hole is peculiar, scientists have to resort to a completely different method of radio observations.

Where jets are usually thought to shoot straight out from the poles of black holes, these jets were shooting out in different directions at different times.

The study was led by the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and it has been published in the journal Nature. This mysterious black hole is ejecting powerful jets of matter as it's devouring the early red giant.

The researchers had to use a different technique to capture what was happening in the black hole. As the black hole spins its gravitational field is so intense it actually raga spacetime with it. And they have just discovered an awesome occurrence: relativistic jets wobbling so fast their change in direction can be seen in mere minutes.

According to Miller-Jones, this is likely caused by a rotating loop of matter around the black hole known as the accretion disk. Scientists hope to understand how these swinging jets behave around other black holes, like those at the centres of galaxies, since they might influence star formation, said Sivakoff. The rapid wobble, known as precession, seen with this black hole hasn't been seen in other systems.

"You can think of it like the wobble of a spinning top as it slows down - only in this case, the wobble is caused by Einstein's theory of general relativity", he said.

Scientists studying a black hole called V404 Cygni have made an interesting discovery.

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Detailed analysis of V404 Cygni's freaky behaviour was only made possible with data captured by the Very Long Baseline Array interferometer.

The whole world stopped and stared, facing all telescopes in the direction of the outburst. And as it rotated, the disk dragged the jets around with it, according to the study.

The frame-dragging effect then pulls the warped part of the disc along with the black hole's rotation, which sends the jet careening off in all directions.

Our team focused on the bright radio emissions from the outflowing jets, using the National Science Foundation's Very Long Baseline Array ( VLBA ).

Co-author Alex Tetarenko - a recent PhD graduate from the University of Alberta and now an East Asian Observatory Fellow working in Hawaii - said the speed the jets were changing direction meant the scientists had to use a very different approach to most radio observations. But these jets were changing so fast that in a four-hour image we just saw a blur. But something - probably a kick from the supernova that first formed V404 Cygni - pushed the black hole and the disk out of alignment. In addition, that inner section of the accretion disc is puffed up like a solid doughnut that also precesses. Astronomers have seen black hole jets before but have never seen jets that wobble as rapidly as those from V404 Cygni, which were observed oscillating over time periods of only a few minutes.

To see the phenomenon more clearly, they ended up taking 103 individual images and piecing them together to make a movie.

Another artist's impression shows the black hole system.

Astronomers typically use long exposures to observe black holes, but this time they had to modify their strategy to get a clear view of V404 Cygni's jets.

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