SpaceX shipment reaches space station

SpaceX Launches Cargo Mission To ISS

SpaceX launches supplies to space station after power delays

Dragon will deliver nearly 5,500 pounds of science, supplies and hardware, according to NASA, and is slated to attach to the station on Monday.

The booster, meanwhile, streaked to a smooth landing on a recovery ship just offshore. The others include Northrop Grumman's Cygnus cargo craft that launched in April from Virginia, two Russian Soyuz capsules and two Russian Progress cargo capsules. The Dragon capsule has been talked about in the community of spaceflight fans for quite a while now which means that it is repurposed in this case might raise some eyebrows.

SpaceX has launched a load of supplies to the International Space Station, running at full power following repairs.

The Dragon is a recycled spacecraft this being its second space trip.

"We're ready to capture with #Canadarm2 on Monday!", Saint-Jacques tweeted. Both problems were solved quickly.

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"The vehicle was destroyed", said Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of build and flight reliability at SpaceX, during a Thursday press conference in advance of Saturday's CRS-17 flight with NASA. It was the first time a launch like this was nixed by rocket-landing concerns.

The spacecraft will remain at the space station for about four weeks before returning to Earth with more than 1,900 kg of research and return cargo.

The booster likely will be reused for SpaceX's next station supply run.

Koenigsmann also said in his statement, 'While it is too early to confirm any cause, whether probable or crude, the initial data indicates that the anomaly occurred during the activation of the SuperDraco system. It's unclear whether these commercial crew flights will begin this year, given the Dragon accident and Boeing's own delays with its Starliner capsule.

This latest cargo Dragon - making the company's 17th shipment - is carrying equipment and experiments for the six space station astronauts, including an instrument to monitor carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere.

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