US Not Seeking Military Confrontation with Iran, Only Waging Psywar: Senior MP

From left National Security Adviser John Bolton accompanied by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump speaks before Trump signs a National Security Presidential Memorandum to launch the

Donald Trump Defends National Security Advisor John Bolton AP

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a restrained reaction to the statement of Iran.

Those opposing it found a good ear in President Trump who showed his opposition to the agreement during and after election.

"People have economic problems, but the only problem is not economic, therefore, we must pay attention to all aspects", the president said, referring to a political activist's remarks who described people's problem merely economic.

Earlier in the day, Trump said he does not want to say that he will not enter into a military confrontation with Iran, but hopes that it will not be the case. "For example, if questions regarding foreign policy, culture or cyberspace are raised, we have to see how much authority the government has in these areas", added the President. The ayatollahs would be no more capable than Saddam of standing up to invasion, but once again it is the aftermath we should fear. This is not an administration with the vision or tenacity to embark on a decade-long stabilization and nation-building enterprise. Sisi's Egypt has also proven eager to gain American patronage, something the Trump administration has been equally eager to grant. That group, which Zarif dubbed the "B team", includes Bolton, the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A US aircraft carrier strike group rushes toward the Persian Gulf.

As the Associated Press reported, Macron continued to express disagreement with his American counterpart over the value of the nuclear deal while speaking to the press before an European Union summit in Romania.

Major General Hossein Salami was appointed as head of the guards last month.

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Rogue regimes such as the Islamic Republic really do understand only the language of military force; when Obama took that option off the table, the ayatollahs viewed it as an opportunity to get away with murder.

It is clear that the final battle over the fate of the Iran nuclear deal has begun. European states should abandon unworkable efforts toward a sanctions-evasion mechanism, and contribute to pressure on the regime to change course. Its position in the current conflict is one of weakness: American forces best Iranian ones, and its economy is in the basement. Iranian efforts to destabilize Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain must be blocked. The unambiguous message must be that the regime must cease its meddling or cease to exist.

In May a year ago, Trump pulled the United States out of an agreement aimed at curtailing Iran's nuclear ambitions and reinstated unilateral economic sanctions. Nobody wants to resort to force, but no deterrent means no deterrent.

We nowadays scarcely even notice Trump's ceaseless Twitter rants against Venezuela, Iran, Cuba and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. He actually casually talked about war with Iran. Iran's hostile rhetoric has increased. Rational Iranians realize this and fear suffering the same cataclysms as Iraq as the price of their leaders' recklessness.

William Fallon, former commander of the US Central Command, told Al Jazeera he does not expect the situation between Iran and the US to escalate despite "the media hype". However, we should not be squeamish about setting out global commitments to supporting Iranians in implementing a successful democratic transition. Trump then called for Kerry to be prosecuted under the Logan Act, which forbids U.S. civilians from engaging in diplomacy with foreign powers. At the same time, Iran is sticking to its desire to negotiate.

The US Department of Defense announced on Friday it would reinforce its troops deployed in the Middle East by sending USS Arlington and the Patriot missile system to join USS Abraham Lincoln with more fighter-bombers.

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