'Arthur' Character Mr. Ratburn Has Gay Wedding on PBS Kids Cartoon

Arthur Mr. Ratburn Gay

Arthur's Teacher Mr. Ratburn Is Gay & Finally Got Married

The Mr. Ratburn wedding drew its share of critics and supporters on social media.

The group of chums grow more anxious when they spy Mr Ratburn having lunch with an uptight woman.

Mr. Ratburn enjoyed his first dance with his husband. As it turns out, that woman is his sister, and the infamously strict teacher is actually marrying the guy from the chocolate shop - which gets instant approval from Arthur and his classmates.

Gamers, animators and fans have shared their congratulations, with comments including: "Love conquers hate", "Welcome out", and "Arthur says, 'Gay rights"'.

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Monday's episode not the first time the PBS children's show has included a LGBTQ storyline. Do you know how wonderful it is that someone who's been on the show from the start, someone who's a main character, is openly gay and getting married on a kids show? Plus, all his students are at his wedding!'

One person perfectly summed it up with their post, "genuinely didn't know arthur still made new episodes but we stan mr ratburn". Not only that, but the show promoted same-sex marriage in what has been considered an "incredibly heartwarming" episode.

It's unclear whether Patrick will make another appearance on Arthur, however, it seems likely as Mr. Ratburn's life outside of Lakewood Elementary School has been a recurring character arc throughout the show's 22 seasons.

Arthur was announced by PBS to run for at least another four seasons until season 25 where it could tackle more topics about acceptance and the LGBTQ community.

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