Google's Digital Wellbeing feature is slowing down Pixel devices

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Apart from new Pixel phones Google is likely to announce other hardware products as well

With that said, it's not at all surprising that Google's recently unveiled Pixel 3a - which is a budget version of the regular Pixel 3 - includes Night Sight mode.

Google's upcoming version of Android will include a number of new features, one of which will be the ability to detect when a user is in a vehicle accident, XDA Developers reports. The Pixel 3A, for example, costs $399 while the Pixel 3 has a $799 starting price. You can get a better look at it below.

Google's Digital Wellbeing service is one such app, promising to transparently track and measure phone usage while offering ways to minimise screen time in certain apps. For many people, disabling Digital Wellbeing isn't going to be a big deal, considering the fact that most people don't really care how much time they've spent in the Twitter app today. As the major tech companies know that users need to spend less time looking at their smartphone every day.

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A thread on Reddit, particularly around the Pixel 3, discusses on how disabling Digital Wellbeing has drastically improved the performance of the phone. Also, the string codes reveal that this may be a feature that will be exclusive to Pixel smartphones only. We disabled Digital Wellbeing just to make sure, and it appeared to be just as fast with it disabled as it was with it enabled. And now the Pixel 3a hasn't even been available for a week, and users are finding a ton of issues with the devices already.

The pricing difference between the two is more than obvious, albeit many believe that comparing the Pixel 3a side by side with an iPhone XS doesn't make much sense, mostly as the standard Pixel 3 is the model that's often considered an iPhone rival.

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