Sudan's military reaches agreement with opposition on transitional power structure

Sudan: Protesters close a main street in Khartoum

Sudanese forces disperse protest in Khartoum North: Reuters witness

At least six people were killed when militiamen attacked a long-running sit-in outside Sudanese army headquarters, throwing into doubt a fresh deal between the opposition and ruling military on how to divide power in the aftermath of President Omar al-Bashir's ouster.

Ninety protesters were killed in protest-related violence after demonstrations erupted in December over a government decision to triple the price of bread, a doctors' committee linked to the protest movement said last month.

On its Twitter page, state media outlet SUNA reported that three of those injured in the Khartoum shootig were members of the armed forces.

The Transitional Military Council plans to remain in power for two years, but protesters and many in the global community want it replaced with a civilian government.

On April 17, the military council had announced that it had detained two of Bashir's five brothers - Abdallah Hassan al-Bashir and Al-Abbas Hassan al-Bashir.

Following Bashir's removal, protesters have vowed to continue their sit-in until the military council who replaced the president also steps aside in favour of a civilian government.

Since the military removed al-Bashir on April 11, he has been imprisoned in Khartoum.

The attackers were strongly condemned, however, by the head of the transitional military council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who said they were "trying to abort agreement with the forces of freedom and change", as the opposition coalition is known. The forces moved against the demonstrators after they had blocked a road leading to al-Mek Nimir Bridge, a main artery of Khartoum.

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The official death toll is 65.

Earlier on Monday, the generals and the protest movement said a breakthrough had been reached in their talks over handing of power to a civilian administration. The demonstrators, however, have remained in the streets, demanding the military hand over to civilian rule.

The U.S. Embassy, however, blamed the military council, saying its attempts earlier in the day to remove roadblocks, and its use of tear gas against protesters, led to the violence later that night.

Initially, talks between the ruling generals and the protest organisers had shown little sign of progress.

Since then, protesters have been camping outside the military headquarters to support a civilian-led political transition.

The generals have proposed that the new council be military led, while the protest leaders want a majority civilian body.

They have singled out its silence on the constitutional position of Islamic sharia law, which was the guiding principle of all legislation under Bashir's rule but is anathema to secular groups like the Sudanese Communist Party and some rebel factions in the alliance.

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