Colo. students leave hero's vigil after Democrats promote gun control

Authorities say Kendrick Castillo 18 was killed during Tuesday's school shooting near Denver Colo

Authorities say Kendrick Castillo 18 was killed during Tuesday's school shooting near Denver Colo

Vicki Migoya, a spokeswoman for District Attorney George Brauchler, said the office could not explain the reason for the delay. In an initial court appearance on Wednesday, Brauchler asked to wait until Monday to file charges so that authorities would have the weekend to make progress on their investigation.

Little remains known about the cases against the suspects in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting that rocked the community May 7.

"What Kendrick did has been able to keep a positive focus on just the bravery and the other students that were saved because of him", community member Deana Deese said.

Kendrick Castillo, the teen killed in the shooting, was described Wednesday as a friendly STEM student who charged the two attackers in an effort to help his classmates escape.

There was no school resource officer at the scene when the suspects opened fire, but there was private security present.

Erickson is being accused of one count of murder and a further 29 counts of attempted murder.

According to a law enforcement official, Erickson used two handguns from his parents to open fire.

Investigators have not offered a motive for the shooting.

Bialy's father told the New York Times that "two students entered the classroom and one pulled a gun out of a guitar case".

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"We rushed him", Jones said.

"The gunman was there, then he was against the wall and didn't know what the hell hit him", Bialy said. "He was a foot away from the shooter, and instead of running the opposite direction, he ran toward it".

"They lost", he said of the shooters.

Eight students were wounded.

Two news organizations cited anonymous sources reported that authorities are investigating whether the guard mistakenly fired at a responding sheriff's deputy and may have wounded a student.

In a statement issued by a public relations firm, Eucker said the school's administrative team contacted 2,800 parents. A school spokesman said the school reached out to parents about the complaints hoping that any problems would be brought to their attention and received no corroboration. It has more than 1,850 students in kindergarten through 12th grade and is located about eight miles from Littleton, Colo., the site of an April 20, 1999 shooting in which two gunmen killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before killing themselves.

Both suspects in the shooting, aged 18 and 16, were pupils at the charter school.

Some students from the STEM School Highlands Ranch, where nine students were shot Tuesday, reacted with anger, walking out in protest. Prosecutors also are expected to decide Friday, May 10, whether to charge the younger suspect, Maya McKinney, 16, as an adult. The freshman democrat, who represents STEM and Highlands Ranch in the House of Representatives, said those gathered already "had his "thoughts and prayers" but deserved and "should demand more".

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