Passenger plane lands in Myanmar without front wheels

Passengers walk away from the plane after Myanmar National Airlines flight UB103 landed without a front wheel at Mandalay International Airport

WATCH Myanmar Passenger Plane Make Safe Belly Landing Despite Nose Wheel Failure

A Myanmar pilot saved the day after his aircraft's landing gear failed, forcing the jet into an emergency landing with no front wheels yesterday morning, an official said.

Passengers on a Myanmar National Airlines plane had a harrowing experience on Sunday when the plane had to land without its front landing gear.

The pilot informed the control tower before landing of the technical issue.

No one were injured in the accident.

All passengers and crew made it safely off the plane. The passengers were evacuated with proper emergency evacuations by the cabin crew as well.

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The plane took off from Yangon International Airport at about 8am and landed at Mandalay Airport at 9am.

"It touched down first on its rear wheels, then slid down the runway on its nose before coming to a stop after about 5000 feet", U Kyaw San said. "After circling nearly two times, the captain said they were going to make an emergency landing", he said. The pilot tried a backup emergency procedure to pull down the wheels but that was unsuccessful.

Captain Myat Moe Aung circled the airport twice to allow air traffic controllers to determine if the landing gear was down, the airline was cited as saying by the BBC.

Thanks to this skilful landing by Captain Myat Moe Aung in this second incident there were no reported injuries from the 89 passengers or crew. An urgent but orderly evacuation of the passengers and crew followed.

On Wednesday, a Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane skidded off the runway during strong winds in Yangon, injuring 17 people on board, including the pilot.

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