NY mayor threatens to fine Trump Organization over pollution

Protesters gather as Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a Green New Deal rally at Trump Tower in New York City

Protesters gather as Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a Green New Deal rally at Trump Tower in New York City

Your polluting buildings are part of the problem, ' he said.

But the main facet of the deal is the plan clamp down on emissions from the city's famed skyscrapers with a goal of reducing overall emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

"They're scared of the truth", he said.

The new standards, hailed by advocates as the toughest action by any city on climate change so far, takes aim at the biggest source of greenhouse gases in NY, where buildings account for more than two-thirds of emissions. He said the decision to hold a rally in the lobby of Trump Tower was independent of any presidential ambitions and he promised to name other potential violators publicly in the future. We are showing that you can make real, progressive change on the ground here. This translates to the Trump Organisation paying fines of $2.1m every year from 2030, unless its buildings are made more environmentally friendly.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is blowing hot air towards President Donald Trump, warning The Don that his properties are pumping excessive greenhouse gas emissions, which could result in millions of dollars in fines. Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Avenue could face $126,316 fine per year.

The Trump Organization, which includes about 500 businesses in which the president is sole or majority owner, did not immediately respond to a request for comment or to address the level of emissions purported by the city.

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City officials said the president's eight largest NY properties pump out around 27,000 tons of planet-warming gases every ear. While deflecting a question about what he brings to a possible campaign as a straight, white male in an increasingly diverse Democratic party, de Blasio did say that he would announce once and for all whether or not he would launch a presidential campaign this week.

De Blasio said he initially meant to hold Monday's news conference outside Trump Tower but moved it indoors because of the weather.

NY has positioned itself as a bulwark against Trump administration attempts to dismantle action to address climate change.

"But it's a public place, and you know what - in New York City, we're perfectly tough", he said.

"We will do what's necessary to combat the climate crisis". The new law, which goes into effect in three days, is a central component of the OneNYC 2050 Green New Deal, a $14 billion effort aiming to cut down 30 percent of greenhouse emissions by 2030.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released a plan last month to make the city carbon neutral by 2050.

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