U.S. orders suspension of flights between the U.S. and Venezuela

US Halts All Flights to Venezuela

Washington orders suspension of all flights between US & Venezuela

The United States on Wednesday suspended all commercial passenger and cargo flights between the US and Venezuela, saying the political unrest and tensions there pose a risk to flights.

Tuesday's flights between Miami and Caracas on Venezuela's Laser Airlines included a stop in the Dominican Republic, according to the airline.

Some Venezuelans also expressed concern about the impact of the ban on people receiving food and other provisions via cargo planes from relatives overseas to help them weather a humanitarian crisis.

Venezuela's Information Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Repeated attempts by Guaido to seize power have failed, however, and his latest bid involves inviting the US Southern Command to invade Venezuela.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao issued the order to suspend flights between the United States and Venezuela. The order includes private, passenger, and cargo flights on US and foreign carriers.

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"It was a small bit of hope", Gomez said in a telephone interview, likening the USA measure to a form of "collective blockade".

In addition to United States airlines, a small group of Venezuelan carriers that offer service to Miami will be affected.

The US Federal Aviation Authority had previously banned US operators from carrying out low flights over Venezuela's airspace.

In an effort to put more pressure on Maduro, the Trump administration last week expanded sanctions on Venezuela to its defense and security services sectors, Reuters reported.

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