Wild video shows window washers trapped on swinging lift

A lift at the top of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma city was hit by high winds while two people were on board on Wednesday

WATCH: Window Washers Trapped Mid-Air as Rigging Swings Wildly Out Of Control

Two widow washers had to be rescued after their hanging platform started swinging out of control.

The two workers were in a lift near the top of the 844ft (260 metre) tower when the basket suddenly became loose.

Two people, believed to be window cleaners, have been rescued from a lift near the top of an approximately 850-foot skyscraper in Oklahoma City.

Video footage captured the high altitude drama unfold as the cradle swung from side to side as well as back and forth. The lift hit part of the building and broke glass.

"This is a very risky situation".

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"Please avoid the area".

Officials with Devon Energy, which owns the building in downtown Oklahoma City, told KOCO that window washers were contractors and that the company has an emergency response team that will investigate the incident. It's unknown what caused the risky incident.

It isn't clear if the window washers are injured, but firefighters have reportedly managed to stabilize the scaffold and are about to launch a rescue attempt.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished with permission.

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