Prakash Javadekar Urges People To Grow A Sapling On World Environment Day

Air pollution is violation of human rights, says UN

Air Pollution, theme for World Environment Day 2019, India comes up with song Hawa Aane De | Skymet Weather Se

We're all familiar with air pollution, especially because of the landfill, which reached its maximum capacity more than 10 years ago and sometimes sparks into flames.

According to a new United Nations report on air pollution in Asia and the Pacific, the implementation of 25 tech policies in such a region could result in a reduction of up to 20 percent in carbon dioxide emissions and 45 percent in methane emissions worldwide.

Groundwater, which runs 94.5% of all minor irrigation schemes in the country, is being overexploited, the think tank added.

The World Environment Day is not the only chance to demonstrate that if human activities are the cause of pollution, humans can also be the solution.

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The research has been launched ahead of an interdisciplinary Working Party review, funded in part by Airtopia, into the effects of indoor air pollution on children and young people's health. Air pollution is a continuing challenge in more-developed countries and is increasing in less-developed areas, posing new air quality concerns. All around the world - from megacities to small villages - people are breathing dirty air.

"Failing to ensure clean air constitutes a violation of rights to life, health and wellbeing, as well as the right to live in a healthy environment". In India, for example, ambient and household air pollution was attributed to some 1.2 million deaths in 2017, according to a study in The Lancet.

The central government soon unveiled a five-year national clean air action plan in 2013, aiming to improve air quality through measures such as closing polluting factories, limiting vehicle use and replacing coal with clean energy. So, in addition to the efforts taken up by our country and worldwide to curb air pollution, we, the responsible citizens of our country must do our best to curb air pollution in the best way we can and lay the foundation for better air quality for our future generations. These include establishing air quality monitoring networks; quantifying the main sources of air pollution; engaging and informing the public; enacting laws, regulations, and air quality standards; developing national action plans to achieve those standards; allocating adequate resources to implement the plan; and evaluating progress, and if necessary, taking stronger actions.

Aside from the AHP Programme, Asean also has an initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions from peatland fires through the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution. It affects us all, whether we realize it or not.We have taken the air we breathe for granted and are now faced with an urgent task to reverse the damage. My message to governments is clear: tax pollution; end fossil fuel subsidies; and stop building new coal plants. It can now help spur the world to greater action.

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