Jupiter To Make Closest Approach To Earth; Keep Your Binoculars Ready

Jupiter and its 4 moons will soon be visible with just binoculars

We're About To Get A “BRILLIANT” View Of Jupiter

Jupiter rises at dusk and is visible the whole night. If you have a slightly more powerful telescope, you may even be able to see the Great Red Spot, a colossal storm on Jupiter that now appears to be shrinking.

Lucky viewers might also "glimpse a hint of the banded clouds" that surround the planet, NASA said. According to Earthsky, Jupiter and Earth will be in opposition - which is the point when both planets are aligned with the sun - on June 10. This entire month offers up great viewing opportunities.

Dr. Robert Massey, deputy executive director at Britain's Royal Astronomical Society, offered some advice on what to look out for.

NASA announced in a release that Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest for the next three weeks, with its four largest moons and cloud bands both being visible from earth with the help of just binoculars.

"Unlike stars, it won't twinkle, even when it's low down, it will look pretty steady, and that will make it stand out".

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It will remain visible to the naked eye all night. You might want to also contact local planetariums to see if they have any special events in conjunction with Jupiter's June appearance. Astronomers Accidentally Discover 12 New Moons Orbiting Jupiter; The Biggest Planet Now Has a Total of 79 Satellites!

If looking through binoculars isn't enough, NASA's Juno spacecraft is now orbiting Jupiter and has captured stunning footage.

Juno traveled for years, not reaching its destination until July 2016.

"This is a close-up and personal look at Jupiter".

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